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Megan’s Christmas Present

As a Christmas Gift this year, I finally drew my niece Megan a drawing of herself in my “Artzee Fartzee” style. I’ve meant to for some time, but never really found the time to do so..until now. Since she had been salivating for what in her mind must have felt like eons for me to Doodle her, Sketch her, and Draw her on up, I knew I had to do her justice. So with pad in hand and my trusty mechanical pencil, I began to work out the drawing. While sitting in front of the TV watching one of many 007 flicks over the Holiday break with my Father-In-Law…I etched out a concept sketch for the piece. I usually start off by first trying to capture the individual’s likeness as best I can…my cartoon style can have it’s limitations but in Megan’s case, I think I succeeded…especially with her personality. And the drawing oozes with her personality. So with her likeness captured, I move directly into thumbnails. I don’t tend to do as many thumbnail sketches as I use to, now I tend to do a couple at most and pretty much leave it at that. With Megan, I only did two and really only explored the one Posted below. My thumbnails are usually quite small and tight, I like to work out the flow of things that way and then translate that almost verbatim into the final drawing…which is what I did in this case.  There are slight variations, but what was mapped out in the concept sketch is for the most part represented in the completed drawing.

I had planned to add color to the drawing, a few accent reds and grays in her clothing and skulls and such, but in the end I felt like the pencil stood on it’s own. I may go back and color it in the computer later for my own personal use. I also threw in a word bubble with a completely random phrase, ’cause my niece…if anything, is completely random.

Just thought I’d toss up here a couple of pics I took of her opening the gift. By the way, I know she dug it, ’cause immediately after opening it, she magically produced her cell out of thin air like she was Criss Angel and began pounding away at the key pad texting her friends about it. I guess I could call the gift a success.

I hope you enjoy it Megan.

Learn To Love It!

This past Christmas I created several pieces of artwork that I gave away as gifts. For my Brother-In-Law, I designed him a T-shirt based on a phrase that him and his wife tell each other. That phrase is “Learn To Love It!” Now I’m not going to tell you what the expression means or how it links to the image, I’m just gonna leave that up to your own imaginations. The image was printed on a black T-shirt, with a large front design and a smaller 3 inch wide element printed on the back neck area.

I love designing artwork like this, that is a edgy and distressed and that has a bit of a gothic element to it. It definitely is different than my cartoon “Artzee Fartzee” style or my portrait artwork I do. It’s quite liberating for me to design in this fashion. Below is a photo of the finished shirt, don’t mind the wrinkles, I wasn’t able to iron it before taking the photo.

More Christmas present artwork Posts to come.

Post It Post #9

Okay, so I did it…Friday night at precisely 10:15PM…I sat down in a darken theater with countless other moviegoers and watched the light flicker across the silver screen as the tale of young vampire love unfolded before me. That’s right, my wife got us tickets for opening night of the movie adaptation of one of her favorite book series…“Twilight.” My wife…an avid “Twilight” fan, couldn’t wait for this movie to come out…she couldn’t wait to devour it like she had each and every book in the series.  I, on the other hand, did not have the same desire as she. I never read the books, probably won’t, but I am a vampire movie fan. So I guess in that respect, I was interested in seeing it on that level.  Vampires are cool…but I like my vampires with a little more gore…I prefer more of a horror element and less of a love story. My wife had informed me all about the story in the books, so I knew going into it this Friday that “Twilight” was going to be more Love and less Blood.

So…this past Friday, “Twilight” was definitely on my noggin when doodling out my latest Post It drawings for today’s Post It Post.


First I wanna mention that this is the first time that I’ve played with the idea of adding color to my Post It drawings. I have this whole set of Prismacolor Markers and I’ve been wanting to dive on in to them for the longest time so I think that you most definitely will be seeing more color in future Post It Posts.

In “Twilight Ticket,” I wanted to reveal Troy’s real reason for wanting to see the latest vampire flick.  For no particular reason I made Troy a vampire, check out the fangs and claws. Goth Chicks…Cool!

I’ve always wondered if Wookies went to the movies, now I know…they do indeed dabble in the cinematic delights. After having bought his ticket for the opening night of “Twilight,” Chewbacca was rather upset to learn that “Twilight” was a love story and not a sequel to his favorite 80’s flick, “Fright Night.” Wookies love the 80’s…as do I Chewie, as do I.

So as far as my opinion on the movie…all I’m gonna say is…I was entertained, but I’d rather pop in a DVD of “The Lost Boys” or “Blade 2” or “Near Dark” or “Interview With A Vampire” or even “Monster Squad.” My wife on the other hand…loved it! Hey, everyone’s got their opinion…and mine is not more important the next’s.

Happy Halloween

‘Tis the season to be HAPPY, HALLO, and WEENIE!

I’m a big fan of Halloween, all-be-it second place to how I feel about the Christmas season, so I didn’t want the day to come and pass without me making a little noise about it.  I figured I could SCARE up something to say and show you good folks.  So with the holiday merely LURKING around the corner, I took out pencil and paper and sketched up a drawing for you.  It’s definitely in homage to the season, or merely because I popped in the DVD of “The Lost Boys” last night and watched it while I drew.  I guess we’ll never truly know, like the chicken and the egg…which one did come first?  Anyway, in the nature of the time honored tradition of Trick or Treating…consider the NEW drawing below my treat to you.  No, it’s not Giant Sized Snickers Bars or candy bowls left unattended, no indeed not, but it is a treat none-the-less.

Here’s another “Artzee Fartzee” drawing I just finished of Troy on the defensive against being stalked by a creature of the night.

I also thru in the “Vampire Attack” drawing I did a couple of weeks ago, thought that they definitely complimented each other, maybe sort of like bookends, or better yet like Chocolate and Peanut Butter…ahhhh, Reese’s.

Well, there you have it Guys and Ghouls.  Enjoy the drawings, enjoy the season, but most importantly…Happy Hunting!

NEW and IMPROVED Gallery

That’s right, my Gallery is NEW and IMPROVED and even better than ever!  Okay, maybe not “better than ever” but there sure is a lot more artwork than previously posted.  “So what’s NEW” you ask?  Well my Gallery now has a new set titled “Textile Designs” that features a sample of the textile repeats and placement prints that I’ve done over the years while employed at Chiliwear, LLC.  Below are just a couple for you to take a look at, go to the Gallery to see the entire set.

I’ve also added some new images in the Other Illustrations set as well.  These added images are from a line of wallet designs that I created while also employed at Chiliwear, LLC.  Again, below are just a couple for you to take a look at, go to the Gallery to see the entire set.

If you’re a fan of the “Twilight” book series, which my wife and it seems like almost every other woman I know is, then you might like the T-Shirt design that I added in the T-Shirt Designs set.  I designed it for my wife and her friend.  I plan to update it with the image from the last novel “Breaking Dawn.”  I’ll get to it eventually, but until then enjoy the image below.

Enjoy the artwork, hope you like it.  I plan to post on a more regular basis with new artwork and other such cool stuff.