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The Gift Of Groove

This Post is gonna be a little different then my previous ones.

This weekend, Friday & Saturday (Nov. 21 & 22) in New Orleans, many local shops are participating in “GIVE: The Gift Of Groove.” When you shop at any of the participating retailers listed below on those two days, 10% of all the net sales will go towards the Tipitina’s Foundation which supports music in our schools.  I have special interest in this because two of my friend are taking part in this. So please, if you live in the surrounding New Orleans area or just so happen to feel compelled to road trip or take flight and visit the Big Easy this upcoming weekend…please visit some of the participating shops and unload some cash or credit on them. Heck…the holiday season is fast approaching and you can never have enough gifts to stack underneath your tree.  If you can still see the tree, you haven’t bought enough presents yet.

Like I said, two of my friends are participating retailers, so please check them out, help them…and help support music in our schools.

NOLA Couture
(will be located inside EM’s • 246 Metairie Road  •  (504)834-2795)
(5422 Magazine Street  •  (504)267-0380)

Thanks for helping and hope to see you out there.

NEW and IMPROVED Gallery

That’s right, my Gallery is NEW and IMPROVED and even better than ever!  Okay, maybe not “better than ever” but there sure is a lot more artwork than previously posted.  “So what’s NEW” you ask?  Well my Gallery now has a new set titled “Textile Designs” that features a sample of the textile repeats and placement prints that I’ve done over the years while employed at Chiliwear, LLC.  Below are just a couple for you to take a look at, go to the Gallery to see the entire set.

I’ve also added some new images in the Other Illustrations set as well.  These added images are from a line of wallet designs that I created while also employed at Chiliwear, LLC.  Again, below are just a couple for you to take a look at, go to the Gallery to see the entire set.

If you’re a fan of the “Twilight” book series, which my wife and it seems like almost every other woman I know is, then you might like the T-Shirt design that I added in the T-Shirt Designs set.  I designed it for my wife and her friend.  I plan to update it with the image from the last novel “Breaking Dawn.”  I’ll get to it eventually, but until then enjoy the image below.

Enjoy the artwork, hope you like it.  I plan to post on a more regular basis with new artwork and other such cool stuff.

Still Under Construction…but not for long!

I’m getting ready to fully lauch the site as well as daily or weekly blog posts.  I’m planning on including stories about my art, tons of sketches and new artwork, and even break down my design and illustration process, so please come back often and see what’s new at