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Making Bank

Why can’t making a living be as easy as twisting off the top of a jar of Jalapenos and downing them down by the spoonfuls? How come one can’t earn bank by drinking gallons of Tabasco Sauce and chasing it back with a shot or two of Salsa? The answer…nothings that easy!

Unfortunately, money just doesn’t rain down on us like hail in a thunderstorm…you either inherit it if you’re lucky or in most cases, you have to work for it. It’s the same story with us Graphic Designer/Illustrators…so, if any of you out there reading this would like to hire a very talented, extremely easy going, creative individual, with a kick ass portfolio and resume, either in a full-time or freelance position…drop me a line, we’ll gab and see what I can do for you.

“Artzee Fartzee” Post It Post will be back after these messages!

Spicy Is As Spicy Does

And we now return to our “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Post already in progress.

You know what I really miss about television from the 80’s and 90’s…the intros to the commercial breaks. They were definitely more polite. For instance, let’s say when “ALF” would go to commercial, usually an “ALF” logo would come up on screen and you’d either hear an announcer or the voice of one of the cast members say, “ALF will be back right after these messages.” And then when the advertisers were finished trying to sell you their wares…the network would politely announce, “We now return to ALF.” What the Hell happen to this practice? I know, I know…shows cost more to produce so that now there are more commercials and less time for even the show let alone the politeness of greeting you back after having been rudely interrupted with advertisements, but dammit, I miss that! Hell, no one did it better than NBC on Saturday Mornings when they’d have their sitcom stars do the tags in between the commercial breaks. You’d have Rudy from the “Cosby Show” or Blossom from “Blossom” letting you know that “The ‘Smurfs’ will return after these Commercial Breaks,” and so forth.

“Artzee Fartzee” Post It Post will return after these messages!

Heat Wave

So…in this time of economic uncertainty, when unemployment is at an all time high and the future of one’s financial stability seems bleak, wouldn’t one like to find some way to earn a buck for simply putting on display one’s naturally born talents…no matter what they be?!

Such is the case in today’s “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Post.

I’ve been a hot sauce and spicy food fan going on a couple of decades now. The addiction started as a mere lad in elementary school and a half eaten jar of salsa. Having never had a taste of this delicious spicy vegetable mixture before that day, my taste buds were open to a world of taste sensations that I’d never thought possible. From spoonfuls of salsa to bottles of Tabasco to eventually eating jalapenos from the jar with a fork…my obsession grew…as did the Legend!

If I could only harness my ability to withstand all that is firey and edible and channel it into some sort of profitable business for myself…I’d be on the road to Economic Freedom. Soon I’d become filthy rich, pay off all my bills, buy the actual “Back To The Future” Time Machine DeLorean, and then hire “Duran Duran” and “Depeche Mode” to perform at every single one of my parties that I’d throw…of course I’d stash some away for a rainy day…a cloudy day…a sunny day…or merely just a breezy cool afternoon. Until that day, when my taste buds and cast iron stomach step up to the plate and start providing financially…I guess I’ll have slum it and attempt to work for a living!

I’ll Be Back…Wait…I Am

Yep, that’s right…as the heading says, yes indeed…I am back! For this Post It Post I’ve decided to focus on another of my favorite things…the life and death struggle of one Mr. John Connor and Company.

I’ve been a fan of the “Terminator” series on movies ever since I saw Arnold that big Austrian lug pop on to the screen and proclaim that he wasn’t really going anywhere but you could be rest assured that…he’d be back! “T2: Judgement Day” is definitely one of my favorite flicks, not even the latest incarnation, “Terminator Salvation” can triumph over that masterpiece that James Cameron skillfully crafted…of why of why couldn’t Mr. Cameron have been able to lend his talents to the likes of “Rise of the Machine” and this summer’s installment as well. For as big as “Salvation” is, as a fan, you can always imagine more. It was an awesome “Terminator” movie, but it’s not quite yet the “Terminator” movie that I think fans have been anticipating seeing for all these years, especially after Part 3 fell short in many ways. Anyway, I’m not really going to get into that, if you wanna read a lengthy discussion of the “Terminator” franchise I’m sure that you could find one of countless movie threads on the internet dealing with just such a topic.

In the next couple of days I have several new “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Posts on their way. Come back and enjoy, but until then…I’ll Be Back.

And Their Off!

I know it’s been some time since my last Post It Post, or let alone a Post for that matter, put here I am, back with a NEW one for your viewing pleasure.

In this Post It Post, I guess you learn that you should only bet on those things that you consider a “Sure Bet!”

By the way, the “Artzee Fartzee” drawing of Monster the Hermit Crab was based off of my real life hermit crab named Monster that my wife was given as a gift about a year and a half ago. We named him Monster because he was much bigger than the other hermit crab that we also had and because he would push the other crab around like a school yard bully. Sadly, Monster is no longer with us. He passed away a couple of months ago. I discovered his limp body hanging partially out of his shell. Please…a moment of silence if you will…for Monster…the Hermit Crab. Shhhhh!

Later Monster

Tiny Tabasco

Several years ago while employed at my previous job, my main responsibility for the most part was designing Textile repeats & artwork for the Tabasco Sportswear Collection and various other apparel collections. However, occasionally I was asked to do other side jobs as well. One such case was when I took on the project for Tabasco of illustrating portraits of the members of the TEAM Tabasco Golf Team. The drawings were printed on labels of mini Tabasco bottles. The plan was for the golfer’s to hand out their bottles as promotion for the team, the hot sauce, and the sportswear collection as well.

Even though I had drawn several portraits, only four were produced to my knowledge. As for the design of the label, I was told specifically what it was to look like and that I had to use the notorious font…Brush Script! This font should be put out of it’s misery, hung up to dry, and given severance package along with it’s walking papers. I fought to use another font, but after much debate…I had to ultimately do what I was told. My apologies to all Graphic Designers out there for the use of this font.

Below are the drawings of the Golfers that did make it onto bottles. Click on them to view them larger.

These following three portraits were not made into mini labels.

I don’t know for what reason the three unused portraits weren’t used, but here they are in all their glory for your viewing pleasure.

I’m happy about how the drawings came out, I think that each of the golfer’s likeness was pretty spot on. If I were to have done these portraits today, rather that close to 10 years ago, I think that they’d only be that much better. Despite that, I’m proud of the final drawings…so enjoy!

Nice Day For A White Wedding

Several years ago when two of my friends got married, Ron and Emily, I draw and painted for them a wedding portrait for their gift. I drew the whole thing in pencil and then decided that I would paint it in water color and accent it with color pencils for some of the details. But before I put brush to paper, I did a small little Color  Concept Sketch to work out the color, just in case I didn’t like the colors that I had chosen in my mind. He is the comparison of one of my Color Concept Sketches that I did and the Final painted piece.

So there you go, I stick pretty closely to what I had established in the Color Sketch. It was definitely my guide when executing the Final Portrait. I was invaluable when it came to doing this piece because I was going for controlled chaos, and being the perfectionist that I tend to be, I wanted to keep unhappy accidents down to a minimum.

By the way, just a reminder, I am a Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer…which means that if anyone out there that would like me to illustrate a portrait for them, I can be commissioned to do so. First, head over to my Gallery and check out my other portraits I’ve done, then contact me to discuss me taking on the project. Just thought I’d mention it.

Man…That’s Just Fowl!

Here’s another illustration that I pulled from the vault for all to see.

This is a Pointillism Rapidograph Ink drawing on Illustration Board that I did when I was in college. The assignment was to cross two items, one a living creature and the other an inanimate object, and then find a word that links the two images perfectly. So I choose a Toilet and a Pelican…and what better word than “Fowl.” I don’t remember how exactly it came about that I decided to choose those two specific items, but what I do recollect is sitting on the floor of my parent’s bathroom sketching their toilet. Now that’s dedication for you. I rather enjoyed illustrating this piece, despite the countless number of dots and time that it took to complete it.

Until next time.

From The Vault

So recently I was going through a stack of old drawings, searching for something specific when I came across one of my old sketch books from college. Like most artist, you tend to have numerous incomplete sketch books. I know that I would often buy a new one before the last one was completely filled to the brim. There’s something about cracking open a fresh blank sketch book…especially if it’s one of those book bound type, that’s special. I just start thinking about all of the possible drawings and doodles I’m gonna do. However before I’d get to them, I’d move on to another new and shiny book. This particular book I carried on me most of my senior year in college. I would sketch in it from time to time in between classes or simply when I was bored. I thought I’d share with you a few of those drawings just for fun.

This was a quick Self Portrait that I did…being that this was a little over ten years ago, I don’t exactly look 100% like this anymore…Damn you Fathertime…you wicked, wicked man!

This was just some random sketch I did of a picture of a model that was in a magazine I was looking at.

This is a pencil sketch of the subject of a painting that I did later that year for my Intro to Painting class. Below is that final painting to see a comparison.

Stay tuned, if you like these, I think that I’ll Post more of these type of College drawings from time to time. I’ll dive into my vault and sort through them and see what I got that’s worth displaying here for you to see.

Quantum Flux

“Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out that he’d melt my brain.”

So as I wind down this series of “Back To The Future” inspired “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Posts, I thought that I’d give a nod to my other favorite Time Traveling partners in crime other than that of Marty and Doc…but rather the duo of Sam and Al. As I mentioned once before in a Previous Post, “Quantum Leap” was definitely amongst one of my favorite television shows I watched in my adolescence. And like with everything that I like, I tend to want more of it…but in it’s original form. It saddens me that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will never be saddling up in their trusty DeLorean and crack the Space Time Continuum to peer at Hill Valley at various moments along the time line…but will Dr. Beckett…that possibility could still exist. There have been past attempts or talks at bringing “Quantum Leap” back as either a series of movies or even a spin-off series following the adventures of Sam’s daughter Sammy Jo Leaping through time tring to find and rescue her dad. Alas it seems like both options have stalled in their progress, and as of yet, no new Leaps. Unlike “Back To The Future” that suffers from a few hurdles if it were to continue it’s stories with Marty and Doc (ie Michael J. Fox’s illness, the fact that the actors have aged beyond their ability to play their characters even in their older incarnations, and let alone that the characters came full circle and it felt complete), “Quantum Leap” doesn’t suffer from this issue. Both Scott Backula and Dean Stockwell could play their characters at their current age without affecting the storyline or any type of continuity issues and as fans we were treated to a cliffhanger of sorts with the series finale. Dr. Beckett is still out there do what Dr. Beckett does best…leaping. Please, oh please can the powers that be, please give us at least one more adventure with our faithful duo!

So as “Artzee Fartzee” Troy attempts to rectify his Faux Flux Capacitor debacle with his hopes of traveling through time via Quantum Leaping…I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Please come back and visit for more “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Posts and if you feel compelled to do so…tell a friend about my artwork and these Posts…ah hell…tell two, I don’t mind. Hope to see you back…to the Future…um Present…I mean, right back here at my site, next time that is!

88 Miles Per Hour

“Doc, we better back up. We don’t have enough road to get up to 88.”

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

It seems like every Sci-Fi flick set in either the near, not too distant, or 100 years plus future all have one thing in common…flying cars. Ever since the silent 1927 Fritz Lang directed Science Fiction classic “Metropolis,” airborne vechiles have been a staple of the genre. We’ve been promised these glorious gems, and we’ve been waiting with baited breath, but alas…no one is zipping along the sky ways and byways, soaring amongst the clouds and dodging birds and telephone wires. But wait a minute, aren’t we living in the future right now, aren’t we at the moment part of the new millennium. We’re living past the year 2000…sounds like the future to me. As a result…I want my flying cars! Hell, the future events that take place “Back To The Future 2” are set in the year 2015…that’s only 6 years away…6 years!!! I doubt if anyone will be getting hover conversions any time soon, let alone by 2015. Come on Hollywood, either stop getting our hopes up by teasing us with flying cars or put pressure on the automotive industry to deliver on the long promised cinematic staple.

All Taped Up And No Where To Go

“Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?”

“The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

For as classic of a movie as “Back To The Future” is and as iconic as the Time Machine DeLorean has become…you know that one day they are going to remake the first movie and everything’s going to change. They remake everything these days, and “Back To The Future” is not safe from such perils as well. My hope is that never happens, ’cause the next thing you know the Time Machine will be made from a Toyota Corolla or some green Hybrid car or something like that. A Corolla does not a Time Machine make…the DeLorean has been, is, and will always be the make and model of the time traveling vechile of the future. ‘Nuff Said!