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Learn To Love It!

This past Christmas I created several pieces of artwork that I gave away as gifts. For my Brother-In-Law, I designed him a T-shirt based on a phrase that him and his wife tell each other. That phrase is “Learn To Love It!” Now I’m not going to tell you what the expression means or how it links to the image, I’m just gonna leave that up to your own imaginations. The image was printed on a black T-shirt, with a large front design and a smaller 3 inch wide element printed on the back neck area.

I love designing artwork like this, that is a edgy and distressed and that has a bit of a gothic element to it. It definitely is different than my cartoon “Artzee Fartzee” style or my portrait artwork I do. It’s quite liberating for me to design in this fashion. Below is a photo of the finished shirt, don’t mind the wrinkles, I wasn’t able to iron it before taking the photo.

More Christmas present artwork Posts to come.

Post It Post #1

So…as the title above states, this is just the first of many posts to come with my Post It note “Artzee Fartzee” sketches I’ve done.  I doodle a lot…and I especially like doodling on these yellow little squares, the main reason, there’s less space to draw so I can finish a sketch quicker.  You see the more space I have the more I want to draw to fill up the page.  The Post It note forces me to be confined to a smaller area.  Some of the drawings have stories behind them, some don’t…so where there are stories I’ll fill you in on them, where there are no stories…I’ll merely post the Post It notes for you to look at and enjoy!

So there here we go.


Okay so there are no specific stories behind these two drawings except for that I drew them while at work.  Plenty of times I’d be working on pretty large Photoshop files that would take a couple of minutes here and there to transform or save, and so forth.  Or let’s face it, sometimes I was simply bored and by the number of Post It’s I have, I guess I was bored a lot.  So…that’s when I’d pick up pencil, slide over my yellow little friend, and doodle.  Each drawing definitely depicts the mood that I was in at the time they were being drawn.  However, I’ll let you read into it which mood you think each drawing was drawn in.

So until next time, enjoy the two drawings above.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.