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Post It Posts R Back!

That’s right folks…read it and rejoice…just as it states above…Post It Posts are back! Now even though I’ve been posting lately, the Post It Note drawings have been MIA. Below are the first of many to come so prepare for the onslaught.

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to draw and create more personal artwork for myself. I want to up my production and be the Stephen King of the art world when it comes to prolificness that is. So far I’ve been pretty successful, but there’s still more that I could be doing. This past Christmas and as well as my Birthday, I received a number of pre-made blank canvases as presents. People were trying to tell me something…don’t you think. However, approaching a painting can be daunting to say the least. The glaring white void of a blank canvas screams to have pigment smeared and lathered on it’s surface…that I have yet to accomplish this year. I will definitely have completed a painting, at least one, by the time 2010 comes screaming into existence…FO SHO! Painting is time consuming for me, but it’s worth it when I’ve finish covering my massive canvas and stand back to take admire my handy work. It’s at that point that I realize that I’ve just created something, no matter how good it is, that will out live me long after I am simply dust in the wind.

So my “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Note drawings today are about just that, putting my nose to the grindstone, buckling down, (insert your own cliched phrase here), and just get at it while the getting’s good! So until next time, I’m back off to my art table to bang out another drawing.

The Force Is Strong With You!

In my continuing campaign to post more examples of my illustrations from concept thru creation to final birth…I wanted to share with you artwork below.

Like any guy from my generation, especially one that has both feet in the deep end of the pool of Geekdom, George Lucas’ “Star Wars” Universe…precisely that from the original trilogy, has always been a strong influence on me. For my own personal joy, I choose to illustrate four characters from those movies. The stylized Gouache paintings I illustrated were done on Watercolor Paper and measure 5.5″ x 7.5″.

Each one of the paintings started off as pretty detailed and tight pencil drawings on Tracing Paper. Working on tracing paper in this manner was a hold over from my college years where I was taught to do all thumbnails on Tracing Paper for some reason…I still not quite sure why. From there I made Photocopies of each of these drawings and did Color Comps in Prismacolor Color Pencils. A majority of the time I nail the colors I’m gonna use on the first try. Occasionally I may tweak the colors a bit either in another Color Comp or during the painting process itself. From there I work rather closely at trying to match those colors in the Final Gouache Painting. I think I was successful.

“Darth Vader” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

“Boba Fett” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

“Stormtrooper” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

“Jabba The Hutt” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

Click on the Pencil Drawings and the Concept Color Comps to view them larger.

I plan on doing more paintings in this style either in Gouache or in a digital format because the style really lends itself to the vector Illustrator format. I’ll keep you updated here. May the Force be with you!

Post It Post #11

So, yet another Thanksgiving has come and gone…another Turkey Day has been gobbled up and digested. And as I step off that no damn good lying scale, I begin to realize that the next holiday gorgefest is merely a month away. To me, Thanksgivng has become a dry run for Christmas…all of the food and none of the gifts. It’s like a practice run through for the ultimate holiday event…and an excuse to eat pie without all of the glitz of tinsel!

Here’s a couple of Post It note drawing that I did over the last couple of days as I came down from my Turkey high and switched gears to get in the Christmas Groove.


In “Big Bird,” this was the year that Troy was introduced to Sesame Street Turkey…tasty but a bit chewy with a slight Muppety after taste. Oh what a delicious feast it would be on a bird so, so big.

So, this year was the first year that my wife and I participated in that time honored tradition of “Black Friday.” Like countless others, we woke at the butt ass crack of dawn and dragged ourselves to the stores to help in our country’s economic recovery. We weren’t really going for anything in particular…it’s not like we scoped out the sales, spotted a 50″ Plasma Screen, raced to Wally World, and struggled and fought with numerous strangers to get one of the possible dozen or so TV’s they actually had. No, we didn’t do that…but we did go for the experience and an experience it was. There were hour long lines to get into stores, 45 minute lines to check out, and plenty of stores to visit. I was amazed at the number of people out there that early in the morning, having never taken part in “Black Friday” I really didn’t know what to expect…I never really thought that it’d be as mad capped as it was. DVD’s were 2 bucks, Plasma Screens were 50 cents, and Thanksgiving leftovers were Free!  I won’t say that we won’t do it again next year, but if we do…we’ll make sure that we’re definitely more prepared. We were rookies to the whole experience…and we’re just glad that we survived to see Saturday.

In the “Dark Side” Post It Note drawing, Troy has trouble understanding that “Black Friday” is not the day that you try to convert others to the Dark Side of the Force. As great of a holiday as that would be, it does not exist…does not exist…yet! Never under estimate the Power of the Dark Side…or something like that.

Post It Post #9

Okay, so I did it…Friday night at precisely 10:15PM…I sat down in a darken theater with countless other moviegoers and watched the light flicker across the silver screen as the tale of young vampire love unfolded before me. That’s right, my wife got us tickets for opening night of the movie adaptation of one of her favorite book series…“Twilight.” My wife…an avid “Twilight” fan, couldn’t wait for this movie to come out…she couldn’t wait to devour it like she had each and every book in the series.  I, on the other hand, did not have the same desire as she. I never read the books, probably won’t, but I am a vampire movie fan. So I guess in that respect, I was interested in seeing it on that level.  Vampires are cool…but I like my vampires with a little more gore…I prefer more of a horror element and less of a love story. My wife had informed me all about the story in the books, so I knew going into it this Friday that “Twilight” was going to be more Love and less Blood.

So…this past Friday, “Twilight” was definitely on my noggin when doodling out my latest Post It drawings for today’s Post It Post.


First I wanna mention that this is the first time that I’ve played with the idea of adding color to my Post It drawings. I have this whole set of Prismacolor Markers and I’ve been wanting to dive on in to them for the longest time so I think that you most definitely will be seeing more color in future Post It Posts.

In “Twilight Ticket,” I wanted to reveal Troy’s real reason for wanting to see the latest vampire flick.  For no particular reason I made Troy a vampire, check out the fangs and claws. Goth Chicks…Cool!

I’ve always wondered if Wookies went to the movies, now I know…they do indeed dabble in the cinematic delights. After having bought his ticket for the opening night of “Twilight,” Chewbacca was rather upset to learn that “Twilight” was a love story and not a sequel to his favorite 80’s flick, “Fright Night.” Wookies love the 80’s…as do I Chewie, as do I.

So as far as my opinion on the movie…all I’m gonna say is…I was entertained, but I’d rather pop in a DVD of “The Lost Boys” or “Blade 2” or “Near Dark” or “Interview With A Vampire” or even “Monster Squad.” My wife on the other hand…loved it! Hey, everyone’s got their opinion…and mine is not more important the next’s.