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Post It Post #9

Okay, so I did it…Friday night at precisely 10:15PM…I sat down in a darken theater with countless other moviegoers and watched the light flicker across the silver screen as the tale of young vampire love unfolded before me. That’s right, my wife got us tickets for opening night of the movie adaptation of one of her favorite book series…“Twilight.” My wife…an avid “Twilight” fan, couldn’t wait for this movie to come out…she couldn’t wait to devour it like she had each and every book in the series.  I, on the other hand, did not have the same desire as she. I never read the books, probably won’t, but I am a vampire movie fan. So I guess in that respect, I was interested in seeing it on that level.  Vampires are cool…but I like my vampires with a little more gore…I prefer more of a horror element and less of a love story. My wife had informed me all about the story in the books, so I knew going into it this Friday that “Twilight” was going to be more Love and less Blood.

So…this past Friday, “Twilight” was definitely on my noggin when doodling out my latest Post It drawings for today’s Post It Post.


First I wanna mention that this is the first time that I’ve played with the idea of adding color to my Post It drawings. I have this whole set of Prismacolor Markers and I’ve been wanting to dive on in to them for the longest time so I think that you most definitely will be seeing more color in future Post It Posts.

In “Twilight Ticket,” I wanted to reveal Troy’s real reason for wanting to see the latest vampire flick.  For no particular reason I made Troy a vampire, check out the fangs and claws. Goth Chicks…Cool!

I’ve always wondered if Wookies went to the movies, now I know…they do indeed dabble in the cinematic delights. After having bought his ticket for the opening night of “Twilight,” Chewbacca was rather upset to learn that “Twilight” was a love story and not a sequel to his favorite 80’s flick, “Fright Night.” Wookies love the 80’s…as do I Chewie, as do I.

So as far as my opinion on the movie…all I’m gonna say is…I was entertained, but I’d rather pop in a DVD of “The Lost Boys” or “Blade 2” or “Near Dark” or “Interview With A Vampire” or even “Monster Squad.” My wife on the other hand…loved it! Hey, everyone’s got their opinion…and mine is not more important the next’s.