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Live Long And Prosper

This Summer has been a Sci-Fi fans dream. Not only were we treated to new installments of “Terminator” and “X-men,” and soon to be further chapters of “Harry Potter” and “Transformers,” we were given the long overdue exciting reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise. Not to be missed, I took the opportunity to subject my “Artzee Fartzee” characters to the Robbenberry Universe.

I’ve been a fan of “Star Trek” since before I can remember. My Mom exposed me to countless reruns of the original series, but it wasn’t til 1987 and the launch of “The Next Generation” that I really became a fan…and the rest is, for lack of a better and more original phrase…is history! That’s why I was extremely excited by the prospects of there being a new “Star Trek” with the release of a fan and general audience friendly movie this Summer. My hopes were that it would adhere to the timelime already established in the continutity of the TV Series and Movies that came before but also chart new territory itself at the same time shocking the franchise back to life and giving it yet another chance to thrive. And that’s exactly what the movie did…it made fans of “Star Trek” happy at the same time introducing and creating new fans of those that would never have glimpsed one eyeball at an episode of any of the series. The new movie has done the impossible…it’s made Trekkers out of those that seemed immune to ever becoming one. Live Long and Prosper “Star Trek,” and May The Force Be With You…wait a minute…wrong movie!

Quantum Flux

“Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out that he’d melt my brain.”

So as I wind down this series of “Back To The Future” inspired “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Posts, I thought that I’d give a nod to my other favorite Time Traveling partners in crime other than that of Marty and Doc…but rather the duo of Sam and Al. As I mentioned once before in a Previous Post, “Quantum Leap” was definitely amongst one of my favorite television shows I watched in my adolescence. And like with everything that I like, I tend to want more of it…but in it’s original form. It saddens me that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd will never be saddling up in their trusty DeLorean and crack the Space Time Continuum to peer at Hill Valley at various moments along the time line…but will Dr. Beckett…that possibility could still exist. There have been past attempts or talks at bringing “Quantum Leap” back as either a series of movies or even a spin-off series following the adventures of Sam’s daughter Sammy Jo Leaping through time tring to find and rescue her dad. Alas it seems like both options have stalled in their progress, and as of yet, no new Leaps. Unlike “Back To The Future” that suffers from a few hurdles if it were to continue it’s stories with Marty and Doc (ie Michael J. Fox’s illness, the fact that the actors have aged beyond their ability to play their characters even in their older incarnations, and let alone that the characters came full circle and it felt complete), “Quantum Leap” doesn’t suffer from this issue. Both Scott Backula and Dean Stockwell could play their characters at their current age without affecting the storyline or any type of continuity issues and as fans we were treated to a cliffhanger of sorts with the series finale. Dr. Beckett is still out there do what Dr. Beckett does best…leaping. Please, oh please can the powers that be, please give us at least one more adventure with our faithful duo!

So as “Artzee Fartzee” Troy attempts to rectify his Faux Flux Capacitor debacle with his hopes of traveling through time via Quantum Leaping…I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Please come back and visit for more “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Posts and if you feel compelled to do so…tell a friend about my artwork and these Posts…ah hell…tell two, I don’t mind. Hope to see you back…to the Future…um Present…I mean, right back here at my site, next time that is!


“Yeah, well, I saw it on …rerun.”    “What’s a rerun?”

I absolutely miss all those 80’s sitcoms and TV shows. It’s one thing to pop in a DVD and watch them that way but that still doesn’t disguise the fact that they’re reruns. Why oh why couldn’t they discover hidden away in the corner of some dark and dank basement boxes upon boxes of lost episodes from my favorite 80’s TV show. How great would that be…brand spanking new shows of shows that are no more…brilliant! How come they don’t find “Lost Episodes” like they use too. There was a time when they were making these discoveries it seemed like on a daily basis. Were people in the 80’s just more responsible that they didn’t lose episodes of the shows they had worked so hard to produce…is that it? But oh how a boy can dream that one day again he’d hear, “Stay tuned for a very special episode of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’.” Oh well, that day may never come but at least there are DVD season sets. If I want to travel back in time to the 1980’s, all I have to do is press play on the DVD player and zip on back to experience the nostolgia…1.21 gigawatts not required.

Quantum Leap Accelerator

Two years ago I designed a “Quantum Leap” T-Shirt for my brother-in-law Cary for his Birthday. Why “Quantum Leap” you might be asking yourself? Well, when I was younger and Cary was merely dating my sister, it became our weekly ritual. He’d come over to my parent’s house, sometimes with a package of Twizzlers in hand and we’d sit back and enjoy the time traveling escapades of everyone’s favorite Quantum Leaper…Dr. Sam Beckett and Holographic pal Admiral Al Calavicci. So it sort of became our thing. Hell, he even gave me a pair of “Quantum Leap” underwear for Christmas one year…okay…they weren’t really officially licensed “QL” wear, they weren’t “Quantum Leap” in any sort of way.  Rather it was an incredibly nasty gag gift of pseudo-stained underwear that he had taken from his dad’s underwear draw and wrapped very festively for me. So there’s a history of each of us giving each other “QL” merchandise, even when there was no merchandise out there to give. So a couple of years ago for his birthday I decided to design a T-Shirt for him with our favorite subject matter.

Above is a photo of Cary opening said Birthday T-Shirt and grinning from ear to ear.

The story doesn’t end there…fast forward….um, I mean…Quantum Leap forward to a little over two years and here is where the saga resumes.

I was contacted by an individual named Tom Soliva through my Flicker account where I load a majority of my artwork…and one piece of that portfolio is this design. He simply asked, “Is there anyway someone could buy one or more of these shirts?” He explained that there was going to be a 20th Anniversary “Quantum Leap” convention coming up in Los Angeles at the end of March and that he was sure that many fans would love to get a shirt with my design on it. I thanked him for his kind words and interest in my artwork but informed him that “unfortunately, the design was done solely for my own pleasure and not for profit. I do not own the rights to the photographs used in my design and therefore can not profit from them.”  With that he informed me that he would bring my T-Shirt design to the attention of the Convention planning committee.

A couple of days later I was contacted by Brian Greene from “The Leap Back,” the official “Quantum Leap” 20th Anniversary Convention.

He informed me that they had gotten permission to use the photos that I used in my design and would love to be able to use the design on T-Shirts for the convention. After working out the details with Brian, I decided to allow the design to be used because all the profits made from the shirt as well as from the convention itself were going to be going to charity, The Starlight Children’s Foundation.

So if you’d like to purchase a T-Shirt with my design and also help out charity, below is the link that will take you there. Not only has the design been applied to T-Shirts but it has been placed on almost every type of apparel imaginable as well as Mugs, Clocks, Aprons, Bibs, Teddy Bears, Etc…Oh, Boy! So there’s something for every “Quantum Leap” Fan.

CLICK on me to view “Quantum Leap” items

All merchandise is being printed through Cafepress and remember, not only do you get a cool design, you’re helping out Charity.

One of the coolest thing about this situation is the possibility that “Quantum Leap” stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, and show creator Donald P. Bellisario might see and appreciate my design. Being that I’m such a big fan of the show and it’s special place in my childhood memories, it’s an honor to be able to come full circle and in my way, take part in the monumential 20th Anniversary Celebration. I will not be attending the convention and will not personally be able to meet and greet with the stars and creators, but knowing that my artwork will be there is enough.

If anyone out there that is reading this and is going to attend “The Leap Back,” I would love to hear about your experience and whatever comments anyone involved with the show had to say about my design. If you wanna send me any photos from the convention of Scott, Dean, or Donald wearing or simply you wearing the shirt with them, I’d appreciate and love it. I’d post a follow-up story and post your photos detailing your experience. Also…if you feel compelled and wanna send me an Autographed Photo by any of the individuals attending the convention…that would be super. Hey, you can’t blame a fan for trying.

I hope you enjoy the design and hope to hear back from you.

Santa and Friends

In my ongoing attempt to present you guys with all that I drew this holiday season, here goes another dose of Post Holiday fun! In this Post It Post, I thought I’d show you yet another tribute to all things Rankin & Bass and more specifically, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” No, I have not drawn the Scarlet Nosed individual again to display here, if you wanna see my take on good ole blinky, read my previous Post on him. Instead I thought I’d draw some of his North Poleian friends.

I originally intended to post “Santa” with my Christmas/Birthday List Post…it seemed more fitting since Troy is asking him to pretty much explain his unforgivable behavior of not getting him everything off of his wish list. How dare Father Jolly not succumb to the will of his list and fulfill it’s every want and desire…how dare he! You tell him Troy, you make him pay for his gross oversight.Instead of posting it then I wait til now because I thought it’d be better to keep him with a fellow “Rudolph” cast mate.

With “Sam the Snowman,” I simply just got Troy’s Canine Pal to ask of Sam a query that has been boggling my noggin for some time now. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get some sort of a legitament and accurate response from the Wintry White one himself. Fortunately for us, we might get him to answer it in a song. Keep your fingers crossed.

I still have a few Christmas items left in my stocking for all to see, so expect a couple more soon on the subject.

M*A*S*H 60th Surprise Birthday Party

When my Mother-In-Law, Doris, asked me to help with my Father-In-Law’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party…my first thought was, “Oh No, she’s going to ask me to bake a cake!” Not that I really bake, but for a split second, that thought did cross my mind.  When I finally came to my senses, and cleared the frosting from my ears, I realized that she had instead put me in charge of the party invites.  Of course this made more sense, since I’m a Graphic Illustrator and NOT Betty Crocker.  So, with no overall theme for the shindig at that point, my wife Melissa and her sister Rachel quickly started churning their mental wheels to kick up an idea.  With their combined Wikipedia brains, it did not take long.

Their Dad, Norb, is a hugh fan of M*A*S*H and all that the 4077th has to offer…so it was settled that the theme of the party would be just that.

During our evacuation from Hurricane Gustav, Melissa and I were staying with her parents in Missouri.  Since I had my Mac and all of it’s acutriments, I started seeking out some of my Father-In-Law’s Military papers and such and began scanning like crazy just to make sure I had everything that I could possibly need.  I scanned in HIS photos, HIS re-enlistment papers, HIS pencil and paperclips from HIS desk, textures made from crumbled paper from HIS office…and so forth.  Then the work began.

The concept was to incorporate the M*A*S*H theme with a TOP SECRET dossier file.  So the invite would be paperwork inserted into a miniature manila folder and then placed into the envelope for mailing.

Above is the INVITATION: FRONT, BACK, & NOTE CARD (it was inserted in to several of the Invites but not all).

This is the MINIATURE MANILA FOLDER I cut out of a real Manila Folder and printed the 4077th TOP SECRET logo on and put a sticker on the folder tabs with my Father-in-Law’s name.

Above is the ENVELOPE I designed using the same logo as on the Manila Folder.

I also wanted to use the same theme for his BIRTHDAY CARD that my Wife and I gave him.  So I used the same design pieces and concept of placing the card into a Miniature Manila Folder and came up with the card below.


Finally, I also made a T-SHIRT design from the elements to give to him.

Above is the FRONT & SLEEVE design of the T-SHIRT.

The whole design theme went over really well, everyone loved it…but most importantly, my Father-In-Law loved it and wore the T-SHIRT with pride.  I’m glad I could contribute to making his 60th Birthday a unforgettable and memorable event.