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From The Vault

So recently I was going through a stack of old drawings, searching for something specific when I came across one of my old sketch books from college. Like most artist, you tend to have numerous incomplete sketch books. I know that I would often buy a new one before the last one was completely filled to the brim. There’s something about cracking open a fresh blank sketch book…especially if it’s one of those book bound type, that’s special. I just start thinking about all of the possible drawings and doodles I’m gonna do. However before I’d get to them, I’d move on to another new and shiny book. This particular book I carried on me most of my senior year in college. I would sketch in it from time to time in between classes or simply when I was bored. I thought I’d share with you a few of those drawings just for fun.

This was a quick Self Portrait that I did…being that this was a little over ten years ago, I don’t exactly look 100% like this anymore…Damn you Fathertime…you wicked, wicked man!

This was just some random sketch I did of a picture of a model that was in a magazine I was looking at.

This is a pencil sketch of the subject of a painting that I did later that year for my Intro to Painting class. Below is that final painting to see a comparison.

Stay tuned, if you like these, I think that I’ll Post more of these type of College drawings from time to time. I’ll dive into my vault and sort through them and see what I got that’s worth displaying here for you to see.