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Post It Post #13

Last night my wife and I continued our holiday tradition of watching our ever growing DVD collection of Christmas themed movies and specials.  Whether it be a classic Rankin and Bass AniMagic or something a little more non-traditional, we try to get through a majority of them before December 25th rolls around. After Christmas has come and gone and the tinsel has fallen from the tree, we tend to lose interest in such viewing pleasures until the season rolls around 12 months later. After a couple of “Frosty’s” and a “Polar Express,” we followed it up with another holiday goody…“Gremlins!”


Okay…so Gizmo and Company aren’t traditionally thought of as holiday fare but in my household…a Mogwai is right up there with Rudolph, the Heat Miser, and the Winter Warlock. Hell…I even consider “Die Hard” and “Die Hard 2: Die Harder” holiday fun. Now if John McClane were dressed like Santa riding on top of an ass kickin’ Rudolph while fighting off a Gremlin infestation at the Nakatomi Plaza…that…that would be a great Holiday event flick. Throw in a couple of talking snowmen with German accents and a gun toting Charlie in the Box…you got yourself Christmas gold baby…GOLD I tell ya.

So I don’t really have anything in particular to say about each of the Post It Note drawings in this Post It Post, except that I got inspired by the movie last night and really wanted to draw Gizmo. As for the “Snowflake” drawing, I guess I really want it to snow here in New Orleans this winter…real snow, not ice or sleet…but REAL White Winter Fun!

So what about a “Gremlins 3,” well…who knows whenever that little gem may happen. Hell, it’s been 18 years and counting since “The New Batch” was released. Until that glorious day…enjoy the two videos I found on YouTube, the links are below. If you’re a fan of these green little monsters, you’ll love these two little Gremlins tidbits:

Peter Jones BT Business “Gremlins” Commercial

“Gremlins” Fan Film by Sacha Feiner