Live Long And Prosper

This Summer has been a Sci-Fi fans dream. Not only were we treated to new installments of “Terminator” and “X-men,” and soon to be further chapters of “Harry Potter” and “Transformers,” we were given the long overdue exciting reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise. Not to be missed, I took the opportunity to subject my “Artzee Fartzee” characters to the Robbenberry Universe.

I’ve been a fan of “Star Trek” since before I can remember. My Mom exposed me to countless reruns of the original series, but it wasn’t til 1987 and the launch of “The Next Generation” that I really became a fan…and the rest is, for lack of a better and more original phrase…is history! That’s why I was extremely excited by the prospects of there being a new “Star Trek” with the release of a fan and general audience friendly movie this Summer. My hopes were that it would adhere to the timelime already established in the continutity of the TV Series and Movies that came before but also chart new territory itself at the same time shocking the franchise back to life and giving it yet another chance to thrive. And that’s exactly what the movie did…it made fans of “Star Trek” happy at the same time introducing and creating new fans of those that would never have glimpsed one eyeball at an episode of any of the series. The new movie has done the impossible…it’s made Trekkers out of those that seemed immune to ever becoming one. Live Long and Prosper “Star Trek,” and May The Force Be With You…wait a minute…wrong movie!

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