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Post It Post #7

I’m back again with another Post It Post for you guys and gals out there to chew on.

So what do I have for you this time around…how about the ever popular “Frankentroy” and “Gordon Shumway” himself.  


The “Artzee Fartzee” “Frankentroy” was another one of those drawings done while at work. Several Halloweens ago I went to a friend’s party dressed as the green gentle giant. Unlike the Post It Post I did with “Underdog,” I’m not going to post a picture of me made up in that particular costume. Not that it was all that terrible…but mostly because it was not all that good. I meant well…but unfortunately it did not turn out how I had intended. The costume itself was fine and but the makeup was lacking…not that I didn’t put my best foot forward…but feet can’t compete with humidity and sweat. The green makeup kept melting off my face and making me look like that Nazi at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” All-be-it a cool effect “Yes,” but not when your intentions are to look like “Herman Munster.”  

In “ALF’s Nose Job” I get to meet one of my heroes from my childhood, “Gordon Shumway,” the Melmacian with the most…ALF! That’s right, I was an “ALF” fan in the biggest way back in the day, which might explain why I am the way that I am today as an adult. You read into it that what you want. And since we’re on the subject of that wise cracking wanna be Muppet…man he never really got his due, did he? Picture it…coming to a theater near you in the Summer of ’09…“ALF: The Movie.” Okay, so the title needs a little work but here’s the concept…a live action version of his Saturday Morning cartoon series. ALF on his home planet of Melmac before it blew up, getting into all kinds of hijinx. With the CG effects today…how sweet would that be?  Don’t answer that!  Let me…if merely for a moment, let me live in a world where such a movie might be possible…

Post It Post #4

Good morning Post It fans…we’re here once again for another edition of my Post It Post!

So before we move on, go grab yourself a cup of coffee, a small glass of pulp free OJ, or…a nice tasty life injecting Diet Coke, whatever your breakfast elixir of choice, pick your poison…I’ll wait!

Hmmmm, hmmm, hmmm!

Okay good, you’re back…nice choice.  So sit back, put your feet up, take a hearty gulp of your wake up juice, and prepare yourself for today’s Post It Post.


In the first Post It note, “Bug Attack Troy”, I drew Troy being attacked by a radioactive mutated swarm of killer dragonflies.  I think that I was particularly swamped at work that day, so what better way to show that then to illustrate your brain being drained by a grotesque flying insectoid.  Plus I love monster movies, big fan, especially older ones.  There’s something about the monsters being made out of rubber and latex instead of CGI digital bits and bytes.  Not that I don’t like CGI, but only if it’s done right.  However it’s more fun when you know that someone had to actually make that rubber monstrosity and that it possibly now sits somewhere in a warehouse collecting dust rather than on someone’s hard drive as 0’s and 1’s.  

In “iPod Troy,” Troy’s simply just jammin’ to his tunes…most likely a “Duran Duran” track.  And for all those people out there saying, “Duran Duran”?  Don’t dis the Double D’s.  They’re the band so nice they named it twice…seriously.  By the way, I love my iPod…besides things like the Color TV, Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper, DVD Special Features, and Post It notes…it’s probably the single most important invention in recorded human history.  Seriously, it’s that important.  As for the drawing on this one, the nose on Troy is a bit too pointy, especially when compared to the drawing of Troy right next to it. 

So I leave you with this, I guess all yellow Post It’s are not created equal.  I’ve posted several notes to date and it seems like every yellow is a tad shade off…I don’t know what to make of this…is it some sort of conspiracy by the Crayola corporation to overtake the world one color at a time, or simply the fact that it’s possible that not all of these Post It’s are actual Post It’s but rather some generic cheaper offshoot brand? Nah, that can’t be it…my votes with the conspiracy…damn you Mr. Crayon Man…damn you!