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Tattoo…Da Plane Boss, Da Plane

I’m a big fan on the the tattoo TV shows “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink,” not that I have any tattoos or plans on getting any inked on my skin, but I do appreciate the artwork that tattoo artist create. When I was coming up with new designs for our TYVEK Wallet line at my previous place of employment, I thought I’d present the concept of doing one based on tattoos.  Ed Hardy’s designs, which are tattoo related in nature, had not hit mainstream at that time so I thought that we’d be hitting the ground running with this popular trend. So with that in mind I sketched up the concept design below.

Like most of my sketches, I work pretty closely to my original concepts when it comes to working it up in the computer. I started by sketching out some pretty tight pencil drawings of the individual elements, scanned them in, and then colored them in Photoshop before laying out the wallet design.

The above were my initial color versions of the design. Like the “Rockin’ Guitar” design I posted yesterday, nothing gets by without some tweaking, changes, and alterations…and “Tattoo” was no exception. I won’t bore you with all of the incremental changes between the major ones, but I will share with you the significant ones. After a couple of nips and tucks to the artwork and layout, my boss decided that he wanted to take the design in a different direction, a more monochromatic direction. Below are the results of said demands.

I think that the above version works…it’s just different. However, since my original concept was tattoo art, I still prefer the first version which more strongly captures that feeling. The changes didn’t stop there…after reconsidering and some overt nudging on my part, my boss wanted to revisit the first version…but with some further…modifications.

On the Exterior Artwork, the Winged Heart was replaced with a Lion’s Shield, ribbons were removed, wording changed, etc. The major change was on the Interior Pocket Artwork where the Coy Fish and Lotus Flower were completely deleted and a large Flaming Dagger became the focus. Even though we returned to some of my original ideas, I still lean toward my first attempt.

The elements from this wallet were then worked into a Textile Repeat and placed into various apparel templates as potential future clothing concepts.

So there you go, my first attempt at being a tattoo artist…all-be-it in Photoshop, but a tattoo artist none-the-less.  Enjoy!

Post It Post #14

So what do you do when the red “Maintenance Required” light comes on in your car? Well, if you’re like me you pretend to ignore it. I ignored it like I ignore the crazy old man at the grocery store that barks to himself as he checks for cracked eggs in his carton. You ignore him because you need eggs too, but you don’t wanna make eye contact…just by the off chance that by looking deep into his eyes you’ll catch his craziness and start responding to his barks with cat meows and robot noises. However, what eventually happens is I take it in for an oil change and that seems to make that annoying little red light go away…or so you would think.


So how come 10 minutes after I left the oil place did I noticed that the light was still ON…taunting me with it’s EVIL crimson presence? Well, my first thought goes straight to there’s something else wrong with the car…and that means taking it into the shop, searching for the mystery problem, and watching the cash in my wallet fold into tiny little paper planes, rise into the air, and zoom on over into the mechanic’s hands leaving a dust trail in it’s wake. Wonderful, right? Well, after three hours of waiting at the dealership, they tell me that the place I got the oil change from originally forgot to reset the switch on my “Maintenance Required” light. I guess that’s why I’m an Artist and not a Mechanic, ’cause if I were I wouldn’t have spent all that money and time…and could have simply reset the switch myself. Hell, it’s enough to make one mental…I guess it’s about time I should start practicing my Barking.

In the above Post It Note drawings Troy discovers the true nature of his car’s mechanical woes and then meets up with an extremely oil thirsty Tin Man of OZ. Enjoy!