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It’s Magically Delicious!

Recently J&S Foods asked me to design a hot sauce label inspired by “Harry Potter.” As a fan of the Chosen One, I was definitely looking forward to this assignment. Like any fan, I’ve read the books, seen the movies, watched the DVD’s a countless number of times, and am eagerly anticipating the next flick and the opening of the Universal “Harry Potter” Theme Park in 2010. So it was a pleasure to get a chance to dive in and put my own twist on the Hogwart’s universe. Since it wasn’t going to be a direct take on the subject, I gave it the hot sauce twist. With that in mind, what else do you call a boy who gets his magical power of flight by ingesting hot sauce and farting fire…what else than “Harry Pooter” of course. Again, like the “Obama” Hot Sauce label I designed, I decided to do it in a cartoony style so that the label would be a bit more fun than if I had tried to do it more realistic. I started with a pencil drawing that I scanned, cleaned up, and colored in the computer.

After coloring him I placed him in his natural environment, zipping amongst the clouds high above Hogfarts…the institute for gaseous studies and emissions…or something like that.

Now the illustration above is great and all, but a label it is not…yet. What makes it a label, is the labeling…so I proceeded to add…labeling. After a bit of info here and a tad bitt more there, faster than you can say the magic word “SuperSonicIdioticBrainDefectedDisconnectedOoweyDeweyDaffyDeweyDumbbell,” the hot sauce label was finished!

So with this project completed, now all I can do is sit back and wait for the next movie or hope that J.K. Rowlings comes to her senses and writes another book. You know you want to J.K…oh yes…you want to!