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Post It Post #8

So it’s hot, then it’s cold, then hot once again…and maybe if lucky…cold once more…such is Winter…Southern Style! Living in the surrounding New Orleans area all my life, that’s just one of the many “pleasures” (and I really use that word very loosely in this case) that comes with living in the south during the winter months. At the moment it’s in the low 50’s but it’s a strong possibility that Thanksgiving next Thursday will be more on the warmer side than I would like for that day. Heck I can remember many times as a kid where I wore shorts and a tank top on Gobble Gobble Day…now that’s just messed up…ain’t it? Turkey Day is suppose to be cold…Period! I’ve got my fingers crossed that a cold front comes thru and makes the holiday just a lil’ bit more wintery, which makes drawing and typing a major challenge.

With that said, I bring you Post It Post #8…Enjoy!


So here are just a couple more of my Post Its, two that definitely express Hot and Cold!

In the first drawing I drew Troy as the Devil, the Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub…Ole Mister Baddie himself. No real significance to it, just thought I’d post the fiery demon next to an icy popsicle.

With “Frozen Troy” I have to say, I really like the way that this one came out. I’m not bragging, believe me I’d be the first to tell you I don’t do that, but I really like the way this Post It turned out. I drew this while at work on a rather frigid day I might add. I unfortunately decided to wear shorts on said day not realizing that it was going to be as cold as it was, but when I step out of the house and jump into the car, at that point you really have to commit to what you’re wearing. Plus when you’re running late to work, you really don’t have the option to go back in a change…so-be-it! So I guess I was channeling my frozen state that day.

So that’s my Post It Post on the ying and yang of Hot and Cold. See you next time.