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Flux Capacitor

“No, wait! Doc. Doc. The-the-the bruise – the bruise on your head. I know how that happened! You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet, and you were hanging a clock, and you fell, and you hit your head on the sink. And that’s when you came up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor…which… is what makes time travel possible. “

As I most likely mentioned here countless times and as every single one of my friends and family will confirm…I’m a hugh fan of a little 80’s flick titled “Back To The Future.” When I was a kid, I wanted to be Marty McFly…at certain times…I still do. I wanna zip around in my DeLorean time machine, evade Biff’s descendants on Mattel Hoverboards, and play “Johnny B. Goode” at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. I’ve always be pretty hard pressed to pick a favorite movie. When people ask, I tend to rattle off a list as long as my arm and then add an Et cetera at the end to show that the list continues on for infinity. However, when push comes to shove, the Adventures of Marty and his faithful companion Dr. Emmett Brown…would definitely be at the top of that list.

With that said…

I want a DeLorean Time Machine…it is my dream car…not just a DeLorean but the actual one from the end of the first movie with the Flux Capacitor, Time Circuits, and of course absolutely…a Mr. Fusion…’cause who wants to get trapped in the past with out the ability to travel back home to your own time. Getting one’s hands on 1.21 Gigawatts is pretty damn difficult…watch the movie…you’ll see. So, if I can’t somehow own the original prop vechile, or reconstruct a replica like so many out there do, then at least I could own the device that makes time travel possible…the Flux Capacitor. I spotted on the Internet that Diamond Select Toys has produced an extremely detailed prop replica of the Flux Capacitor for you to power your own Time Machine. I guess Time Travel is finally possible for everyone who can afford it. So today’s Post It Post drawings were inspired by exactly that, my desire that one day my sweet Fluxie…you will be mine!

Post It Posts R Back!

That’s right folks…read it and rejoice…just as it states above…Post It Posts are back! Now even though I’ve been posting lately, the Post It Note drawings have been MIA. Below are the first of many to come so prepare for the onslaught.

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to draw and create more personal artwork for myself. I want to up my production and be the Stephen King of the art world when it comes to prolificness that is. So far I’ve been pretty successful, but there’s still more that I could be doing. This past Christmas and as well as my Birthday, I received a number of pre-made blank canvases as presents. People were trying to tell me something…don’t you think. However, approaching a painting can be daunting to say the least. The glaring white void of a blank canvas screams to have pigment smeared and lathered on it’s surface…that I have yet to accomplish this year. I will definitely have completed a painting, at least one, by the time 2010 comes screaming into existence…FO SHO! Painting is time consuming for me, but it’s worth it when I’ve finish covering my massive canvas and stand back to take admire my handy work. It’s at that point that I realize that I’ve just created something, no matter how good it is, that will out live me long after I am simply dust in the wind.

So my “Artzee Fartzee” Post It Note drawings today are about just that, putting my nose to the grindstone, buckling down, (insert your own cliched phrase here), and just get at it while the getting’s good! So until next time, I’m back off to my art table to bang out another drawing.

The Force Is Strong With You!

In my continuing campaign to post more examples of my illustrations from concept thru creation to final birth…I wanted to share with you artwork below.

Like any guy from my generation, especially one that has both feet in the deep end of the pool of Geekdom, George Lucas’ “Star Wars” Universe…precisely that from the original trilogy, has always been a strong influence on me. For my own personal joy, I choose to illustrate four characters from those movies. The stylized Gouache paintings I illustrated were done on Watercolor Paper and measure 5.5″ x 7.5″.

Each one of the paintings started off as pretty detailed and tight pencil drawings on Tracing Paper. Working on tracing paper in this manner was a hold over from my college years where I was taught to do all thumbnails on Tracing Paper for some reason…I still not quite sure why. From there I made Photocopies of each of these drawings and did Color Comps in Prismacolor Color Pencils. A majority of the time I nail the colors I’m gonna use on the first try. Occasionally I may tweak the colors a bit either in another Color Comp or during the painting process itself. From there I work rather closely at trying to match those colors in the Final Gouache Painting. I think I was successful.

“Darth Vader” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

“Boba Fett” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

“Stormtrooper” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

“Jabba The Hutt” Pencil Sketch, Concept Color Comp, & Final Painting

Click on the Pencil Drawings and the Concept Color Comps to view them larger.

I plan on doing more paintings in this style either in Gouache or in a digital format because the style really lends itself to the vector Illustrator format. I’ll keep you updated here. May the Force be with you!

Snowball Fight

In my last Post I showed you my card design from this past Christmas. I thought you might like to see another of my past “Artzee Fartzee” cards that I did. So jump into your DeLorean suped up with a Flux Capacitor, Time Circuits, and a well fed Mr. Fusion, floor it to 88 and screech it to a halt at your holiday destination of yesteryear…2005!

The concept was a snowball fight between me and my wife. Below is the Original Concept Sketch that I did that includes an additional drawing of an unused concept for the back of the card. I nixed the idea of using the bottom sketch in favor of a thrown snowball illustration.

From the above sketch to the Final Pencil Drawing, not much changed. I enlarged the sketch and redraw the illustration much cleaner and tighter.

After the drawing was completed I scanned it into the computer, cleaned it up, and passed it through the Photoshop blender where I mixed in some color. So I pressed the puree button, waited for it to spin and whirl, then poured it out. Presto…Color! The color not lining up was intentional. I wanted it to be offset. I’m happy with the results.

I placed the artwork into a rectangular envelope shaped layout and added snowballs I had drawn separately. The back of the card was basically the Holiday Greeting, which my wife and I signed before stuffing them into envelopes and mailing them off.

Click the artwork above the view it larger if you’d like. I was overall happy with the illustration and design of the card. Had I to do it over again, the only thing that I’d do differently would be to have designed an envelope with it to mail it out in.

Wow, it’s almost Feburary and I’m still talking about the Holidays…go figure!

2008 Christmas Card

Each year I Design and Illustrate a new Christmas Card to send out to a majority of my friends and family to celebrate the Holiday Season. The last couple of card designs I’ve done have featured my “Artzee Fartzee” characters based on my wife and me, so this past Christmas I ran with that idea again. The card’s final layout differed from the original concept that my wife and I discussed. She said, “Hey why don’t we make a card this year that’s shaped like an ornament and it opens to reveal the card.” So with my wife’s suggestion in mind, I did just that and began drawing our new card.

I wanted the gag to be that when the card is folded you think that Troy is holding the Mistletoe over the head of the character based off of my wife, but when you open the card…SURPRISE! So the punchline is revealed when you open the card. After I finished the pencil drawing I took it into the computer and colored it in Photoshop. I stuck to the original Ornament design and worked it up that way initially.

However, after I had printed and mocked a version up…it didn’t fold and stay closed the way that I had intended. That, and the cut and folding time was a bit more than I wanted to spend on it. Christmas was fast approaching so my deadline to get all of our cards printed, addressed, and sent out via the United Postal Service was looming. Below is a video of how the card was to look and be opened. Click on the video below and enjoy!

So with the layout of the card not working exactly as I had envisioned it, I quickly decided to go with a much simpler square design. Not only was it easier to cut, but it also had less fold line to have to deal with. I think the Final layout works much better, even though the original concept was a bit more fun. I may revisit the ornament design in a future Christmas Card but I’ll have to tweak it to make it work a bit better than it did. Below is the Final layout.

I also did an alternative “Happy Holidays” version to send to our Jewish friends. They were the only ones who got this version, so they should consider it a Collector’s Item. One day…some day…maybe…possibly…it might just be worth something on eBay.

Below is a video of how the Final card looked when it was opened. Click on the video below and enjoy!

So there you go, that was my Christmas Card this past Holiday Season. Now I’ve only got less then 365 days until I’ve got to come up with yet another one drawn, printed, cut, folded, signed, stuffed, addressed, stamped, and sent out. I could start now planning for it or…put it off ’til this November…I’ll see what I can do, but until then…Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

It’s Magically Delicious!

Recently J&S Foods asked me to design a hot sauce label inspired by “Harry Potter.” As a fan of the Chosen One, I was definitely looking forward to this assignment. Like any fan, I’ve read the books, seen the movies, watched the DVD’s a countless number of times, and am eagerly anticipating the next flick and the opening of the Universal “Harry Potter” Theme Park in 2010. So it was a pleasure to get a chance to dive in and put my own twist on the Hogwart’s universe. Since it wasn’t going to be a direct take on the subject, I gave it the hot sauce twist. With that in mind, what else do you call a boy who gets his magical power of flight by ingesting hot sauce and farting fire…what else than “Harry Pooter” of course. Again, like the “Obama” Hot Sauce label I designed, I decided to do it in a cartoony style so that the label would be a bit more fun than if I had tried to do it more realistic. I started with a pencil drawing that I scanned, cleaned up, and colored in the computer.

After coloring him I placed him in his natural environment, zipping amongst the clouds high above Hogfarts…the institute for gaseous studies and emissions…or something like that.

Now the illustration above is great and all, but a label it is not…yet. What makes it a label, is the labeling…so I proceeded to add…labeling. After a bit of info here and a tad bitt more there, faster than you can say the magic word “SuperSonicIdioticBrainDefectedDisconnectedOoweyDeweyDaffyDeweyDumbbell,” the hot sauce label was finished!

So with this project completed, now all I can do is sit back and wait for the next movie or hope that J.K. Rowlings comes to her senses and writes another book. You know you want to J.K…oh yes…you want to!

Inauguration Day

So in honor of Inauguration Day, I thought what better time to post the artwork that I’m posting today.  Right after the election J&S Foods asked me to draw an “Obama” Hot Sauce label for them. Their request, “we want Obama riding a Donkey dressed as Uncle Sam with a map of the United States in the background.” So with that in mind I went to work and did just that. I decided to draw Obama a bit cartoony instead of realistic, so that it was different then the previous hot sauce label designs I had done for them. I mean hell…if you got a man riding on the back of a donkey dressed as Uncle Sam, might as well make it cartoony, right? Also, I wanted it to be more of a caricature of Obama rather than a portrait of him.

Below are both my initial rough concept sketch that I did as well as the pencil drawing that I did for the hot sauce label. As you can see in my pencil drawing, I followed my sketch pretty closely. I don’t always work this way with my hot sauce label designs, usually I will just go right into the computer and start composing the design there. However, because I decided to go with a caricature, I wanted to draw it out first to make sure I got it exactly the way that I wanted it before taking it into the computer.

From here I composed the rest of the design in the computer and colored the pencil drawing as it was drawn. In the background is the electoral map of the United States, colored as per which states voted for which candidate.

Above is the original version of the “Obama” Hot Sauce label that I did. After the client reviewed it they decided that they wanted to move the donkey’s hat and place it on Obama’s head. So after some tweaking and alterations, I came up with the design below which J&S Foods approved and accepted.

So there you go, the Hot Sauce changing taste buds one drop at a time.

Hot ‘n’ Cold

And last, but not least…the final two Christmas Post It drawings that I did over the holidays. I couldn’t let the season pass without having drawn two of my favorite Rankin & Bass characters. When you’re Hot you’re Hot and when you’re Not, you’re Not! And so it is with the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser. I guess I’ve always been a little more of a fan of the Cool Miser Brother…funny, being that I’m from the South, you’d think that I’d be more keen on Mr. 101. However, I think it’s because I hail from the land of humidity that I’d rather hang with man that likes his drinks on the rocks.

So in this Post It Post…I pay tribute to the Miser Brothers.

Last year ABC Family Channel premiered a new Stop Motion animated Christmas special based on these two siblings. “A Miser Brother’s Christmas” was a sequel of sorts to the original “A Year Without A Santa Claus,” but only in the regards that the title character were back and that the original voice actors of both Santa (Mickey Rooney) and the Heat Miser (George S. Irving) were back after nearly 34 years. I didn’t have high hopes for the show because most of the other characters looked different and even the Snow Miser’s look was altered from his original design. However, fears aside, the show wasn’t half bad…the songs weren’t all that memorable but the animation as pretty smooth. I’d watch it again, and if it ever comes out on DVD, I’d add it to the Christmas collection and view it at least once a year. I don’t wanna give the impression that it was perfect or was what it could have been, but it was at least entertaining. Maybe next year ABC Family will do another sequel to another Rankin & Bass classic…we can dream can’t we.

Santa and Friends

In my ongoing attempt to present you guys with all that I drew this holiday season, here goes another dose of Post Holiday fun! In this Post It Post, I thought I’d show you yet another tribute to all things Rankin & Bass and more specifically, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” No, I have not drawn the Scarlet Nosed individual again to display here, if you wanna see my take on good ole blinky, read my previous Post on him. Instead I thought I’d draw some of his North Poleian friends.

I originally intended to post “Santa” with my Christmas/Birthday List Post…it seemed more fitting since Troy is asking him to pretty much explain his unforgivable behavior of not getting him everything off of his wish list. How dare Father Jolly not succumb to the will of his list and fulfill it’s every want and desire…how dare he! You tell him Troy, you make him pay for his gross oversight.Instead of posting it then I wait til now because I thought it’d be better to keep him with a fellow “Rudolph” cast mate.

With “Sam the Snowman,” I simply just got Troy’s Canine Pal to ask of Sam a query that has been boggling my noggin for some time now. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get some sort of a legitament and accurate response from the Wintry White one himself. Fortunately for us, we might get him to answer it in a song. Keep your fingers crossed.

I still have a few Christmas items left in my stocking for all to see, so expect a couple more soon on the subject.

Kaitlin’s Christmas Present

Another one of the Christmas presents that I did this year was a drawing for my niece Kaitlin. Like Megan’s drawing I talked about in the previous post, I also did it in my “Artzee Fartzee” style. Unlike Megan’s however, I did not have to do several sketches to try and capture her likeness because I had done so previousily about a couple years ago for a separate drawing and fortunately for me…it still had all of Kaitlin’s flavor. I of course updated the design a bit, since she had aged a couple of years since I last doodled her. But for the most part, her design remained intact from the original. The thumbnail process on this drawing was not much of a process at all…I only did one…the one posted below. As you can see from the two images, both the Concept Sketch and the Final Piece are pretty much identical. There are some very minor differences, such as instead of holding the Doodlebug it’s now wrapped around one of her fingers, but other than that it is what it is.

My niece Kaitlin is completely in love with all things bug and bug-like. She never met a Doodlebug (“Rollie Pollie” to some) that she did not like. I swear, if she could spin herself a cocoon and then emerge a couple days later with a big bright pair of colorful butterfly wings, I think she would. It would make shopping for clothes difficult but I think she’d be up for the challenge.

Besides Kaitlin, also featured in the drawing is our pet Hermit Crab named Monster. My wife got him from a friend of her’s one summer a few years back after their trip to Destin, Florida. We just assume it’s a “he,” because if it were a “she” we’d have to rename it to something more appropriate like “Ladybug” or “Flower” or “Bananarama” or something like that…and I’ve grown found of the name “Monster.”

She was definitely happy to get the final drawing. The only thing better would have been if my wife and I told she could have Monster…since that’s not going to happen, she’ll have to make due with a drawing of him and her instead.

I hope you enjoy it Kaitlin.

2008 Christmas/Birthday List

Okay, I’m gonna let you guys in on a little secret of mine…even though I’m 33…I still write a Christmas List. No, I don’t send the letter North via the Post Office to Santa to take a gander at and hopefully, if I’ve been lucky enough not to be on the “Naughty List,” for him to delivery me all the goodies I’ve asked for. My list is strictly for friends and family, and now for the first time, I’m sharing the list with the rest of you. So every year I write my Christmas/Birthday Wish List. Since New Year’s Eve is my Birthday, I just combine the two into one complete dossier. My thought is, if someone’s going to get you a gift, you might as well let them know what you want and need. Over the years it’s become some what of an annual tradition of sorts. Now I don’t want you thinking that I’m greedy. I don’t expect to get everything on the list or to even get anything off of it. It’s really more of a goof then anything else. I enjoy putting it together and seeing people’s reactions when the printed copy gets passed around. Funny thing is, this year my 13 year old niece even took it to school and showed it off to some of her friends…unfortunately, they did not get me a gift this year…maybe next.

In this Post It Post I wanted to show you some of the Post It drawings that I used when I put together the 2007 edition and a sample of what the final pages looked like. However, first I didn’t want my Birthday to pass without me making some mention of it. I turned 33 this year and in honor of that I wanted to ask Frosty the Snowman for a very special birthday wish.

As a side note, The Frosty Post It note drawing was the last drawing that I did in ’08. The latter three drawings were sketched up while at work during several of my much talked about moments of boredom. When it came time that year to start composing my Christmas/Birthday List, I had to look no further than my little yellow stickies.

Below are three sample pages from the 2007 list. The items on the list have been blurred out due to the fact that the info is now outdated.

I liked how the list came out so for 2008, I decided to keep the basic layout, add new art, and update the items on the list and PRESTO…the latest edition to be read and enjoyed by all!

Now you are at no obligation to buy me a belated Christmas or Birthday gift, but…if you somehow feel compelled to do so, either out of a last moment burp of Christmas Spirit or out of a strong desire to congratulate a 33 year old for his day of birth…there are still plenty of items on the list to choose from. As you can see, there are also quite a few outrageous items at the end of the list as well to take a look at.

Enjoy and look forward to the 2009 Christmas/Birthday List later this year…being that it’s January…much later this year!

Happy New Year!

So here we are, a New Year, a New Post, and lots of new stuff to show you guys out there. I’ve been real busy as of late with the holidays and churning out new artwork. Now that I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and am coming down from my Christmas high, I can finally share with you the fruits of my labor. First thing first, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Ho Ho Day and a Very Happy New Year! So to usher in the New Year and celebrate the passing of the last, here we are with the first Post It Post of 2009!

As I’ve said in previous Posts, I love the “Rankin & Bass” Holiday specials. Love ’em, gotta watch ’em, wish there were more of ’em. So while over the holiday break, I drew up a couple more of my mini tributes to these beloved television specials. First up, again, in honor of the New Year…my Post It Post on “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.”

In the first Post It drawing, Troy attempts to get Baby New Year to make him a promise for 2009. This last year was eventful…good and bad…but it seemed that the bad tipped the scales in ’08, unfortunately. All we can do is hope that with the changing of the calendar, that mostly good will come from it. Think of it as a reboot for the world, and hopefully with a reboot, it fixes all the problems…if not all of them, then maybe, if we’re lucky…most of them.

I don’t really know what I’m trying to say about the New Year with Troy’s Canine Pal’s conversation with Father Time. I guess I just wanted to doodle Father Time. It took me a while to fully get into the Christmas spirit this year and once I got into it, it’s been hard to let it go. So expect a few more drawings of Merriment to come your way over the course of the next couple of Post It Posts.

Happy New Year everyone…I truly hope that when we look back at this year we can say, “Boy, that wasn’t half bad!” Hello ’09…farewell ’08.